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Whether you are contemplating ending a marriage, or the divorce is already underway, attorneys Chelly Pennington and Janelle Brienzi can explain your rights, the process, and your legal options. We represent both men and women in all aspects of divorce settlements, with an emphasis on an amicable resolution and/or mediation over expensive courtroom battles.  We can help with separation agreements or litigation, which could include spousal support and/or equitable distribution.

Child Support

Child Support in North Carolina is determined by the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. The court uses the guidelines to enter temporary or permanent child support orders in both contested and non-contested cases. The guidelines were created to provide adequate child support that is equitable to both the children and the parents. Our office can assist you whether you are seeking child support from another party or whether another party is seeking child support from you.


Custody in North Carolina is determined by what is in the best interests of the child. Disputes of custody can be resolved by agreement, mediation, or court proceedings. Custody disputes can be very hard on all of the parties involved, especially the children, therefore, at Pennington Brienzi Law, PLLC we strive to help parents reach an amicable resolution of their custody dispute. Contact us to discuss your child custody needs.


Pennington Brienzi Law, PLLC can handle Independent Adoptions, Step Parent Adoptions (Including Same-Sex Spouses), Relative Adoptions, and Adult Adoptions. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.  

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is for everyone, not just “retired” people. Accidents and illnesses cannot be predicted; therefore it is important to have your affairs in order. At Pennington Brienzi Law, PLLC we can assist you in preparing your Last Will and Testament, Durable Power of Attorney, Healthcare Power of Attorney, and/or Living Will.


Mediation can be a valuable resource while going through a divorce, custody, or a number of other law matters. It provides a great opportunity to save both time and money while you are going through a legal dispute. Chelly Pennington is a Certified Mediator and available to represent clients for mediation services or arbitration. 

Parenting Coordinator 

A Parenting Coordinator (PC) is a court ordered professional who can help the parties in a high conflict custody case resolve issues related to a custody order and to facilitate better co-parenting.   Janelle Brienzi has her certification in Parenting Coordination and she offers this service. 

Domestic Violence 

Domestic Violence Protective Orders and No-Contact Orders are fairly common in the family law setting.  The attorneys at Pennington Brienzi Law, PLLC are experienced in representing Plaintiffs and Defendants with 50b and 50c cases. 

Personal Injury 

 Were you injured as a result of someone else’s negligence or wrongful act? Are you getting the run around from the insurance company? Contact Pennington Brienzi Law, PLLC when you need an experienced attorney in your corner. Our Attorneys can assist you in negotiating your claim, ordering your medical records, and preparing your case for a successful resolution.


When you are caught speeding you need an attorney with experience in your corner. We may be able to assist you in getting your ticket reduced. Contact our office to find out what your legal options are.

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